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Caskill Memories
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This is a little bit about me. How I got to the mountains. A town once called Sandburg, before it became Mountaindale. Mygranfather mygrated when he was 16 to Mountaindale and became a builder. He married and met my grandmother at The New Prostpect Hotel which he built. They feel in love and had five children. My mother being the oldest. My Mom married and moved to Philly. She then met my Dad and they moved to Baltimore, wher I was born. The war broke out and back to Philly we were untill Dad was drafted.So up to the mountains in the same house were mom was born. I started school up in the mountains . Three grades in a class, with moms teacher. In the other room were the other three grades.


Up in the mountains I learned to hike, swimm and learn a great love for the outdoors, but I also grew up in the Borscht belt atmosphere where there as great enterainment, with show with Alan King, (who I was fortunate at age 4 to be in a skit with) Jerry Lewis and many others, so I learned to love the theather as well. I became a counslor and learned to love children, whom I still do volunteer work with through my bookmates group. I worked one summer for a Doctor and knew I didn't want to be a nurse, but wanted to do something with the medical feild. It gave me the insite to join the Red Cross. The mountains offered a lot.and made me grow as a kid. I ewill always cherish that.

Now that I told you a little about myself, you can see I have been very nostaligic about the moutains. I miss the day's Of hanging out in the village untill wee hours of the morning (it was safe and fun) I miss meeting people from NY when I was Th Jersey Girl who came to a colony to stay and also visit her local family who lived there all year round and friends who started school there as well.. I remember Paddy the Cop and Charlie Weiner his sise Kick. Paddy's daughter Linda and I even would help Paddy in the summer and we would play detetective. We even solved a case of a 12 year old run away. Thesesstories and memories are why I wanted to start a web site to share with you and also hope to find some long lost friends.
Hope you fiend this as much fun as I do.

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11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.

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