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Caskill Memories


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Stories From The Mountains

Lungeng's Gas Station
My Mom, Ann Michaels, Diane Lungen and during the  Mrs. Lungen would sit in front of the gas station knitting and sweaters and blankets for there children while we played. They would gossip abot the two block town as we the Kinder (children )
They would listen with big ears. Occassionally We would interrupt and I withe the big mouth would ask a lot of questions. My Mother would  yell  and tell me to be quiet. They thought we weren't listening but we were.
Mrs Lungen Senior would teach the younger women how to knit and peanl as well as krochet. Occassionally other people would join them. Thiswas war and my father was in the navy. . Mr Lungeong Sold Cars and owned the gas station. Mrrs. Michaels Was Patty the Cop's Wife.
I played there usually with Paula Blum, who's wanted to sing with my flat voice. How Linda tried to Father was the Postmaster in town and Linda Michels, Patty the Cop's daugther.
We used to pretend to put on plays. We wanted to be actress's. Linda was the really only talented one of the bunch. Did she have a beautiful singing voice. I like to act, but only teach It was hopeless.
At Lungeon's was one of the places every one knew evenyone's business, but in those days it was a small town and it was family, so no  really minded.
More stories to come...............


If you think gossiping went on in front of Lungeons Gas station, well I have another surprise for you. Kayfeilds was not only the best Deli in town, but the hangout for the men to go and play cards and gossip worse than the women. Patty Michaels and his side kick Charlie Weiner were there as well as MoisheWeiner. Of course therewas the owner of Kayfeilds aswell as anyone who cared to stop in with news and play cards..
I remember when the war ended (WW11) Mrs.Lungeon got the Fire engine truck and noise makers of all kinds . They met in front of Kayfelds and celdbrated the end of the war, even me at age 4.. Of course we also knewwho was whose lover and who was doing this to whomever. No one got away with anything, because it was all said at kayfields or in front of Lungeons . Although everyone knew everyones business and nothing was said on the streets out loud they did get the Jewish evil eye! LOL!! MORE TO COME!!!!!!! 

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